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Nicole Wilde, Artist

Hi there! In case you're interested in knowing a bit about me...

My life has been devoted to helping dogs and other animals. In addition to being a digital artist, I'm a canine behavior specialist who has written 11 books and lectured around the world. I've co-run a sanctuary for wolves and wolfdog mixes, volunteered at L.A. City and County shelters, co-hosted a dog-centric radio show, and participated in canine rescue and rehabilitation. I run Gentle Guidance Dog Training in Santa Clarita, CA,  write for Modern Dog Magazine as well as my own Wilde About Dogs blog, and donate my photography and artistic talents to rescue groups to help get dogs adopted, as well as to wildlife groups to help with fundraising. Can you say animal crazy? I've been honored to have had my artwork displayed in galleries, win international competitions, and be featured in multiple magazines online and in print. If you're curious to see more of my creative artwork, click here. But for now, I look forward to using my passions to serve you and your pets!

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